Founded as marketing and communication agency for fashion companies and fairs of the fashion and lifestyle sector in the year 2007 JANDALI MODE.MEDIEN.MESSEN acts exclusively as representative office for the fashion fairs CHIC and CHIC YOUNG BLOOD and the CHINA NATIONAL GARMENT ASSOCATION since May 2013.

JANDALI MODE.MEDIEN.MESSEN possess many years of know-how in the fashion and marketing field as well as of an extensive international network in the fashion sector. Besides this JANDALI MODE.MEDIEN.MESSEN disposes of best contacts to the international media as well as to global fashion associations. For the sales market China JANDALI MODE.MEDIEN.MESSEN can draw upon a special partner network in Asia.

JANDALI MODE.MEDIEN.MESSEN is responsible for the marketing, press and pr of CHIC and CHIC YOUNG BLOOD in Europe (except in France and Italy) and acts at the same time as contact and service point for fashion manufacturers / designers, buyers, associations, and media interested in the fairs and the Chinese market. For instance JANDALI MODE.MEDIEN.MESSEN supports fashion brands and associations to plan their fair presentations and elaborates adequate marketing measures for the entry into the Chinese market.

As representative office for the China National Garment Association JANDALI MODE.MEDIEN.MESSEN supports Chinese fashion companies and Chinese designers in their European market entry. In this respect JANDALI MODE.MEDIEN.MESSEN provides market researches and connects European enterprises with suitable Chinese companies.